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Creative Foresight - Future Thinking for the Creative & Digital Sector

  • New Art Exchnage 39-41 Gregory Boulevard Nottingham, England, NG7 United Kingdom (map)
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Tomorrow’s digital technologies, coupled with wider global challenges, will impact all businesses. This one-day workshop applies a future studies framework to help small creative and digital businesses to develop forward-looking strategies.

What to expect...

Across the day the focus will shift from formal lecture delivery to discussion and participant generated content. To this end, the workshop will work through the four phases of the ‘holistic lens’, with participants tasked with completing their own individual grid. The idea is to rapidly expose participants to a broad spectrum of technological and other future possibilities, and then to focus down to the potential implications for customers and society in general, and for the creative and digital industries. These inputs will then be used to develop potential strategies for the businesses taking part in the workshop.

The value of the session should be twofold: to generate specific ideas of potential immediate value, but also to familiarize participants with a process that they can continue to undertake after the session.


Christopher Barnatt - Workshop Leader

The workshop will be run by Christopher Barnatt, who has been a professional futurist for over 20 years. He is the author of thirteen books including “The Next Big Thing”, “Digital Genesis” and “3D Printing: Third Edition”, and publishes, and associated YouTube channels that have received over 38 million video views.

For 25 years Christopher lectured in computing and future studies in Nottingham
University Business School. As a keynote speaker, he now delivers presentations for a
wide range of clients in sectors including food production, financial services, healthcare
and the arts. Christopher has a strong practical interest in the creative sector, and early in his career spent six years producing cartoon animation for the BBC. In addition to his YouTube production, he continues to provide occasional CG animation to TV companies, including footage for a 2017 BBC Brian Cox documentary on the future of space travel. You can find him online at -