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Our events are tailor-made for people working in the creative industries – everyone from poets and broadcasters to gallery curators and photography studios. The events include mentoring workshops, networking sessions plus specialist events with topics spanning areas such as social media, marketing, creative writing and business planning.

Future _CC BY 2.0_AnoopKumar

Digital Horizons – Workshops series

12th Oct 2017

Thursdays 12/10, 19/10, 26/10 & 02/11/2017, New Art Exchange

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This series explores how digital fabrication, artificial intelligence and related technologies will physically and culturally impact the human condition. The objective is to help those working in creative and digital businesses to better understand how cutting-edge and future technologies will expand the potential scope and importance of artistic expression, as well as allowing human civilization to rise to those grand challenges that lie ahead.

The sessions will provide information, as well as enabling discussion and ideas generation within a creative environment. They will also facilitate networking. The structure for each session will be as follows:

17:30: Arrival and refreshments
18:00: Presentation, including interactive audience questions
19:00: Broader discussion, plenary feedback and networking
19:30: Close

The four sessions will cover topics as follows:

1. Sustainability, Future Narratives & Digital Technology
This session explores the future context within which digital technology will increasingly be created and applied. Specifically, it highlights the challenges that surround climate change, planetary overshoot, future energy supply and broader resource scarcity, and the potential solutions that may be associated with both digital technologies and mindset shift. Against this backdrop, the session concludes by exploring the role that may be played by the creative sector in seeding a more sustainable future narrative.

2. Digital Fabrication: 3D Printing & Beyond
3D printing allows digital designs to be turned into physical things by building them up in layers. As this session explores, already we can use multiple technologies to 3D print in plastics, metals, ceramics and living cells – and this is just the beginning of a digital fabrication revolution. Not least, synthetic biology and self-assembly nanotechnology are starting to allow objects to be fabricated directly from binary data. No creative individual should therefore remain ignorant of the future potential of ‘microfabrication’.

3. Synthetic Citizens: The Promise & Peril of AI & Robots
Within the next five years artificial intelligence will transform the interfaces that many people use to interact with organizations, other technologies and fellow human beings. By 2030, we are also likely to be sharing our first planet with highly intelligent robots and autonomous vehicles, while many products will be made in ‘dark factories’. These developments in automation and augmentation are something that the cultural sector cannot ignore, and which are indeed likely to increase the value and requirement for creative and interpersonal skills. This session therefore explores developments in AI, robotics and Big Data, including practical demonstrations of some cloud AI services.

4. Humanity 2.0: Our Cyborg Future?
We are entering an age of post-genomic healthcare in which medical science will be able to ‘upgrade’ as well as maintain our physical selves. In tandem, cybernetics, virtual reality, bioprinting and brain-computer interfaces are increasingly going to facilitate a digital fusion of homo sapiens with AI and other digital technologies. This final, most controversial Digital Horizons session therefore examines the potential role of artists and the digital sector in reflecting and shaping the next phase of our evolution.

Christopher Barnatt has been a professional futurist for over 20 years and publishes He has written twelve books including “The Next Big Thing” and “3D Printing: Third Edition”, as well as running YouTube channels that have received over 26 million video views.

For 25 years Christopher lectured in computing and future studies in Nottingham University Business School. As a keynote speaker, he now delivers presentations for a wide range of clients in sectors including food production, financial services, healthcare and the arts.

Christopher has a strong practical interest in the creative sector, and early in his career spent six years producing cartoon animation for the BBC. In addition to his YouTube production, he continues to provide occasional CG animation to companies including ABC News, Google and the BBC. You can find him online at

Photo Credit: Future by Anoop Kumar (CC BY 2.0)



Shouting Quietly – Promote: Pitch: Present with Pete Mosley

6th Jun 2017

9th May, 6th, 13th & 27th June, 1 pm – 4.30 pm, at New Art Exchange

A series of 4 afternoon workshops where you can build confidence in your presentational skills and learn how to present, pitch and speak about your work effectively.

These workshops are suitable for people with little or no experience, as well as those who are already confident and wish to finesse their skills.

The aim of the workshops is to:

  • Build your confidence in self-promotion, and in preparing and delivering pitches, talks and presentations.
  • Help you develop your own personal style and approach so you can work out where and how you can present your ideas most effectively – be that 1-1, small groups, workshops, pitches or public talks.
  • You will earn a wide range of skills and techniques so that you have a wide range of options to call on when preparing to promote, pitch or present.
  • You will also get to practice new skills via try-out sessions in a safe environment.

At the end of the workshop series we may run a public ‘Pecha Kucha’ type of event for those who want to move towards presenting in front of larger audiences.

Please book here for each session


Work Out of the Office Day

31st May 2017

We are delighted to announce that we will be at Primary on the last Wednesday of May! 

Join the Real Creative Futures team on the last Wedensday of May at Primary to work, collaborate and meet interesting people in this unique creative facility for artists, the public and the communities of Nottingham and beyond!

Just bring your laptop or whatever you need to get work done and be inspired by spending a day out of the office. We will provide you with a space to work, WiFi, stimulating conversations… and lunch & refreshements are on us!

If you would like to come along please let us know by booking a place so that we can be ready for you – this means that we’ll have enough food for everybody!

During this session we’ll be sharing tips and skills about Mailchimp and other marketing platforms you can use to manage your contacts and promote your business, bring your technology! 

Book here

Primary is an artist-led space that supports creative research through artist studios and residencies, public exhibitions and events.


Bouncebackability half day workshop with The Art of Brilliance

5th May 2017

Come learn the ability to bounce back when things get heavy

5th May, 9.30 am – 1 pm, New Art Exchange

Whilst a lucky few seem hardwired to bounce back and grow in the face of full-on change, adversity and setbacks, it doesn’t come automatically to most of us. The brilliant news is that ‘bouncebackability’ is a learned behaviour. We can all cultivate personal skills and resources which help us not just cope better with stress, but embrace change and use challenges as opportunities to grow.

At the ‘Art of Brilliance’ they talk about the minority of people (‘2%ers’) who have passion, energy, enthusiasm and zest. They’re great to have on board because their positivity impacts on those around them. They also happen to possess what we call ‘ordinary magic’, an ability to bounce back when things get heavy. This workshop drills down into their resilience. What skills do they possess? What do they actively do to help themselves cope and deal with change and challenge? What support systems do they have? By understanding their recipe for success, we can help others build their own reserves of resilience.

‘Bouncebackability’ uses the latest thinking in areas of positive psychology, post-traumatic growth, CBT, growth mindsets, learned optimism and explanatory styles. The good news they will be careful to disguise these concepts and deliver a session that is thought-provoking and great fun.

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RCF 2.0 Showcase Event

24th Apr 2017

The evening will be a great opportunity to find out about the Real Creative Futures programme successes and future plans, plus live street art, music, drinks and food!

Mon 24 April 2017, 5.30 pm – 8.30 pm at New Art Exchange

Come listen to some of the most inspiring local creatives’ stories, learn about their practice and what they felt they benefited from participating in RCF and how they have moved on since: Saziso Phiri from The Anti Gallery, Dizzy Ink and Louise White Theatrician will be sharing with us their story, plus Emily Catherine Illustration and other creative business owners will be showcasing their work throughout the evening…

… together with live street art by ‘Dilk’ – internationally renowned graffiti artist and the owner of the first and only ‘Montana’ spray paint shop in the UK, based in Hockley.

NEW! The evening will also be an opportunity to sign up to the newly formed ‘NG7 Business Forum’ open to entrepreneurs from all industries and aiming to create connections in the NG7 area and to strengthen business & networking opportunities within the local communities.

The RCF team, The Big House partners and other creatives like you will be around, so join the event to network, sign up and join our programme!
To attend and network, book your place here!




Finale Showcase Event

12th Nov 2015

So this is it – the finale event being planned by the RCF team in order to showcase your works and wares.


Many of you have asked for a specific opportunity to be able to do this amongst your RCF peers as it is via Nottingham’s creative industry community that relationships will be forged to enable business growth.

We have guest speakers, Karla Kerr, acting Market Strategy and Development Manager for Nottingham City Council and Industry ExpertSarah Sansom of Time Won’t Wait.  Karla will be sharing with you practical tips on how you (as a small company) can bid to large corporate clients.   Sarah will be sharing how best to go about coaching your business foot forward after Real Creative Futures.

If you would like a table to display your wares and meet other creative industry businesses in Nottingham, then please send an email to: with the title – RCF Finale Showcase Stall.

To attend and network, then please click the button:


Finance Literacy Workshop

5th Nov 2015

Finance Literacy Workshop

Budgets, Assets, Cash-flow, Tax… does it sound scary?

Join us on Thursday 5th November!

This workshop – led by Andy Woodcock from Acorn Co-op Support – aims to demystify the world of finance to enable everyone to fully participate in financial decision making. We’ll cover the key concepts, terms and financial reports that a business needs to produce, along with explanations of taxes that participants may be liable to, such as VAT and Corporation Tax.


Lunch and refreshments will be provided.


This workshop is for Real Creative Futures Participants only


Creative Suite Tutorials

2nd Nov 2015

Photoshop, Illustrator & InDesign Tutorial 

A Beginners Tutorial in Photoshop, Illustrator & InDesign.
Real Creative Futures is hosting Graphic Designer John Berkavitch to teach a three session workshop in Adobe CC Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign for beginners.

The tutorial will:

Give you a foundation in graphic design software.
Image editing skills.
To use design software for print and web for your business or portfolio.
To understand technical jargon like knowing your JPEGs to your tiffs!


Session 1: Intro to Graphics & Photoshop

  • Important basics in graphics. 
  • Adobe Photoshop: image editing software.
  • Programme tools, how to edit images and create ready artworks for print and web.


This workshop is for Real Creative Futures Participants only


Creative Suite



An Artist & Creative Business Manifesto

18th Oct 2015

Do you run your Creative Industry Business to make money or to save the planet – or to save the people on the planet?  When setting it up, what came first – the business plan or the cause?  Have you ever wondered about how a creative industry business survives beyond the passion of being socially, economically or ecologically active?

Real Creative Futures brings you An Artist and Creative Business Manifesto an exploration into the sustainability of different Creative Businesses models locally and internationally.


Chair: RCF Business Coach, Auriel Majumdar

Guest Speakers:
Toni Stuart – poetry writer, performer and developer from Cape Town, South Africa. She writes and performs her own work, and develops and manages creative projects around poetry to enable people to access their own words and build community.

Louise Sutton – Relationship Manager, Diversity at Arts Council England which champions, develops and invests in artistic and cultural experiences that enrich people’s lives.  Louise has been a Relationship Manager for 1 year.  Her particular specialism is in performing arts.

Lucy Keany, Public Programme Coordinator at AUTOGRAPH ABP
Established in 1988 with the mission of advocating the inclusion of historically marginalised photographic practices, Autograph ABP is a charity that works internationally in photography and film, cultural identity, race, representation and human rights.

Anne-Marie Crowther, Director at PANDA – Performing Arts Network & Development Agency
PANDA’s mission is to proactively support a vibrant enterprise culture by nurturing talent, creating connections and providing an authoritative voice for the performing arts sector.


Risograph Printing Workshop, Dizzy Ink

9th Oct 2015

Join RCF participants Dizzy Ink on Friday 9th October at their studio in Cobden Chambers from 10 am – 4.00 pm for a Risograph printing workshop.

Are you a print artist or a businesses looking for a new aesthetic for your marketing material?

With this workshop you will be able to take part in print based activities which will give you an unique insight into how Risograph works.

You will learn how the process and gain an understanding of  Risograph fundamental characteristics. This will be followed by a brief history into the medium.

The main agenda for the day is based around you producing one edition of three colour prints. These prints can be produced in a way suitable to your practise; be it collage, mark making, illustration or painting. We have some supplies here, but you know your own tool belt and we encourage you to bring your own materials. You will then get the opportunity to print your own work (but please bring your own laptop), gaining a complete understanding of Risograph.


Don’t hesitate, BOOK your place NOW!

Please note, this event is for RCF participants ONLY.


Business Planning Sunday

4th Oct 2015

Join us  at New Art Exchange from 12pm – 4.00 pm for a Business Planning workshop with the RCF Team.

Forget your Sunday papers and grab a blank sheet of paper, bringing your vision, ethos and numbers.  You can use our crayons and highlighters because we are going to spread out, in the Performance Space to talk and walk through our business plans.  This will be a useful event for participants to refresh or define  the areas which will help you understand the inner workings of your business and help you steer your path to pitching, fundraising and operating.

Some of the benefites of having a Business Plan include:

  • A clear statement of your business mission and vision
  • A set of values that can help you steer your business through times of trouble
  • A blueprint you can use to focus your energy and keep your company on track
  • Benchmarks you can use to track your performance and make midcourse corrections
  • A clear-eyed analysis of your industry, including opportunities and threats
  • A portrait of your potential customers and their buying behaviors
  • An honest assessment of your company’s strengths and weaknesses
  • A roadmap and timetable for achieving your goals and objectives

Don’t hesitate, BOOK your place NOW!

Please note, this event is for RCF participants ONLY.


Business Lunch with Industry Experts

25th Sep 2015

Join us at New Art Exchange from 12.30 – 2.30pm for an informal Business Lunch with RCF Industry Experts Karen Sherwood from Cupola Gallery and Suzy Rai from Rebel Rose.

This is a great opportunity for you to network in an informal setting and have the chance to speak with one of our Industry Experts.

** RSVP by Wednesday 23rd September 4pm ***

This event is only open to RCF participants who have not received their 12 hours of support yet.


Fine Art Seminar

22nd Sep 2015

Does your fine art talk the talk?

Learn how to turn your creative hobby into a business

Our aim is to help fine artists do what they love to do and make a living at it.

  • You will have the chance to share your work and creative ideas
  • Find out how to generate income from
  • selling online and through retail outlets
  • Explore the practicalities of setting up a website and what a good website looks like.

Andy Welch owner of the local gallery

A Room Full of Butterflies will be joining the sessions to share his experience of helping artists set up their own website and provide guidance on how to approach a retail outlet to exhibit work.

Dates:  8th & 22nd September 2015
Times: 10.00am to 1.00 pm
Venue: Sherwood Art Room, The Place Activity Centre, 2a Melrose Street, Sherwood, NG5 2JP


Minding Your Business

12th Sep 2015

Minding Your Business, 10am – 2pm, Saturday 12th September, The Meeting Space, BioCity

From back room to board room, how do you look after your business as it grows to a sustainable venture.

What are the elements of your business that require more structure so that you can develop your plans and approach new businesses or suppliers?

Business coach, Auriel Majumdar will share with you the tools that will show how to widen your path to success growth.


This workshop is for Real Creative Futures Participants only


Auriel is a freelance consultant and coach specialising in business growth and leadership development with a particular emphasis on the use of creative techniques to empower leaders to drive change and growth. Her company website is

Before setting up her own business in January 2013, Auriel was head of business development at Sheffield City Council, leading a large internal service and reporting directly to the Council’s Executive Management Team.

As a coach, Auriel specialises in the use of creative methods to enable her clients to explore and reflect on their experiences and create their own solutions to issues. Her clients have included design agencies, designers and makers, musicians, DJs and chefs. Auriel is currently studying towards a Masters in Coaching and Mentoring at Sheffield Hallam University.


Fine Art Seminar

8th Sep 2015

Does your fine art talk the talk?

Learn how to turn your creative hobby into a business

Our aim is to help fine artists do what they love to do and make a living at it.

  • You will have the chance to share your work and creative ideas
  • Find out how to generate income from
  • selling online and through retail outlets
  • Explore the practicalities of setting up a website and what a good website looks like.

Andy Welch owner of the local gallery

A Room Full of Butterflies will be joining the sessions to share his experience of helping artists set up their own website and provide guidance on how to approach a retail outlet to exhibit work.

Dates:  8th & 22nd September 2015
Times: 10.00am to 1.00 pm
Venue: Sherwood Art Room, The Place Activity Centre, 2a Melrose Street, Sherwood, NG5 2JP