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Pictured by Lamar

With the kind help of the Real Creative Futures team I am happy to announce the opening of a new website very shortly on the 24th of August .Clients including The University of Nottingham , Architects of Air , Excavate Theatre , LeftLion and Wolfang Buttress have invested in my vision thus far but I’m looking … Continued


Helen Shere – Shere Design

“Running a business is hard work but so rewarding. It helps if you love what you do!” Based in Nottingham, Shere Design grew out of a personal interest that Helen Shere cultivated while studying for her degree in Sustainable Design. “I design and make silver jewellery inspired by illustration and based on natural themes such … Continued


As Clear as Mud Press

Mud Press is the newest creation of Founding Editor, Georgina Wilding.  Georgina has thoroughly enjoyed the support that she has received from the Real Creative Futures in order to start-up her business. She says, “RCF has been more than I could ever have imagined. Through Fardad, I’ve managed to achieve my goal of setting up … Continued


Risograph Fun Day!

As part of the Creative Community Call Out, RCF participants, Dizzy Ink led a fantastic workshop in which we created superb and colourful prints, while learning about how the Risograph works and playing with ink overlapping – watch the short video we made!  


How far I’ve come thanks to…

How far I’ve come thanks to ‘The Creative Suite’ by Kieran Hardcastle Being part of a an exciting, dynamic, young company such as Sheep Soup is great, being able to bring unique performance style and showcase our ideas to new audiences is something we have aspired to do our entire lives. Only we all know … Continued

lee myself and me

Creative Suite Tutorials, Lee Ramsay

My name is Lee Ramsay.  I’m a motion graphic designer from Nottingham.  I use the Adobe suite and Cinema 4d. I got into graphic design around 2009/2010 mainly because I wanted to make cool music videos buying my first mac book pro and if I’m honest I never got along with iMovie’s mainly because it … Continued

Making the Connection event

What We Learnt: Making the Connection with Auriel Majumdar

Explore different types of networking Auriel said that she is one of the most connected person in Sheffield and this has really helped her business So – how to use this to your advantage “Networking is marketing”, Christine Comaford- Lynch EVERYBODY is of interest. EVERYONE has a network. What is your starting point? Take a … Continued


Understanding the Money Side

UNDERSTANDING THE MONEY Notes from the NBV Finance Masterclass with Mike Howsley (19th June 2015) What are the rates of national insurance? Class 1: employers 13.8% Class 1 employees 12.0% Class 2: £ 2.80 pw Class 3:£14.10 pw Class 4: 9% above lower profit of £8,060 and 2% above upper profit limit of £42,385. What … Continued


Launching a new brand or business – PR, the basics.

For the past 13 years I’ve been providing PR advice and support to businesses of all shapes and sizes – helping them launch their latest product, drive new customers into their store or raise their profile to key audiences. Whatever their requirements, there are some fundamentals of PR which remain the same. For any of … Continued


“A Real Place to Create” – Places to work for Creative Businesses in Nottingham

Neil Horsley and Brian Holdsworth have been working since August 2014 on providing an independent evaluation of the Real Creative Futures project. One of the issues that emerged was how well Nottingham meets the workspace needs of new creative businesses. This project has focussed on the requirement for creative entrepreneurs to have access to suitable … Continued


Creating a grant pot

You‘ve got great ideas, great skills and even a great business but to grow you need to offer more, work faster, be better branded, have better equipment or just become the business you aspire to be. These are just some of the things that a business manager or owner think about when planning to grow … Continued


Visual Identity & Successful Branding

What We Learnt 1) What is Branding? A ‘set of associations that make you stand out from your competitors’ Primarily it’s your business “voice” out in the marketplace Its sets you apart from your competitors and gives potential customers an idea of what you’re about The internet makes it more important than ever to create … Continued


Bea’s Blog

Being a part the Creative Industry sector in Nottingham is a very exciting situation to find your business. Entrepreneurs and start-up businesses have taken advantage of the change in the economic climate, the harsh reality of individual circumstances and the buoyant nature of the amount of support available to develop one’s business idea. At this … Continued


RCF Business Lunch

Lessons Learnt Lessons Learnt from this particular event was delivered by international artist, Faiza Butt whose selections of work, Paracosm, is currently exhibiting at New Art Exchange and going out on tour during 2015. Paracosm explores taboo and cultural conflict through the window of fantasy as it collides reality in a range which includes paintings, … Continued


A Social Media Master Class with Threshold Studios

Introduction Threshold Studios is a media arts producer and consultancy based in the Midlands, with over 16 years of experience. As an artist-led organisation, Threshold Studios has been producing new media with specialisms in moving image, digital and emerging technologies. Threshold Studios directs and produces the biennial Frequency Digital Arts Festival in Lincoln. Kristy Diaz … Continued